Refund Policy

At SociBlast, we assure to deliver the products to our valuable customers. Mostly 99% of our customers' products get delivered without facing any issue. But 1% of the customers seems unlucky. Some issues might arise while delivering their products. Here are some of the information that tells us about the working of our refund policy.

The first step is to contact our customer service team!

Are you facing any issues? Feel free to contact our service team rather than worrying. If you have concerns, reach out, and we're here to serve you better. Our customer support team ensures to make our clients happier. If you are still not satisfied, we will provide you a refund.

Reasons you won't receive a refund.

  • At SociaBlast, we ensure to offer non-drop services. In case of any drop, you can ask us. We will refill it for free.
  • Your account is suspended, or the social network deletes content (sorry, but may occur at times and is definitely beyond our control).
  • In case if you have lodged a chargeback with your credit card firm or PayPal.
  • If our support team is inconsiderate or rude, we would probably ignore you.

Reasons you may receive a full or partial refund

  • We are unable to deliver your order due to our server issues.
  • We are unable to deliver your order due to some problems with your account or any misunderstanding about our products or if the order has not yet started.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At SociaBlast, we ensure to offer high-quality social media services to our customers. We can't always provide a refund, but if you're not satisfied with your order, contact our service team within seven days of your purchase, and we will definitely find a solution to make our customers happy.